Lover of: Tomatoes, Roller Coasters, Pantone 021c

I am majoring in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (2018), with a minor in Nature Culture & Sustainability Studies (NCSS). I am a RISD/Brown Kinder STEAM Fellow and a member of the RISD Rover team (NASA Human Exploration Rover Design Challenge). I was also on the committee that organized and ran the 2016 Better World by Design conference. 

Outside of school, I have designed with TellartLoft LLC / Victaulic Inc / MASS Design Group / Scale Up Labs /  Predicate Group. Some of my favorite weekends include MHacks / HackHarvard / Hack@Brown / Innovate@Brown and STEAM Week. In addition, I am a Microsoft Student Partner sharing my passion and knowledge of the latest technology innovation with my fellow RISD students. 

Yo soy Colombiana! I was born in Bogota and raised in Virginia. I am passionate about well crafted objects and experiences, understanding how things work, traveling to interesting places, playing music (piano and guitar), enjoying good food, and spending time with friends. It excites me that I can make anything I can imagine.
I think good design is always a collaboration between the designer and the users of the object/experience. I am obsessive about listening to and observing users so that I am always focused on meeting their needs. I value simplicity, intuitive function, elegant craft, and color. I appreciate and respect the materials I use and try to use them responsibly.