Ash Wood Laminations

Bent Laminations

The assignment was to create a holder for four apples using Ash wood bent laminations.

Mood Board 

As a snowboard/skiing enthusiast, I looked to snowboard technology from Burton to inform and inspire my curve shape. I wanted my design to be influenced by products that use bent lamination in the real world. Snowboards capture their specific shapes (in this case a flying V) under clamp pressure in their lamination form. 

Concept Sketches 

Before even settling on my inspiration from snowboard technology, I just started drawing curves that interested me. At first I just sketched down ideas and then I started to think more critically about the limitations of the wood. I thought, instead of trying to achieve a big curve what if I just made a smaller less noticeable curve that would be nicely captured in the jig? These initial sketches in addition to my inspiration built up my form for my apple holder. 

The Lamination Process

The lamination process was exciting and required many crucial steps in the process. While time is of the essences, the lamination process relies on proper set and cure times. I made sure to make my jig effective by adding 3 vertical wood aligning blocks in order to assure my clamping process would be accurate and would be sitting correctly. I also used the jig after the laminations formed as a clever way to use my jig in a second life to block plane the edges clean and even. 

Final Prototype

The assignment only required our final prototype to hold 4 apples, however at max my laminations can hold up to 6. As you see to the far right my laminations can easily be taken apart for convenience to show the simplicity of the two parts and the connection mechanism that brings them together in an elegant way.