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Envisioning a world where design-thinking is accessible to everyone. #bwxd


Better World By Design

“We envision a world where design-thinking is accessible to everyone in order to catalyze positive change on a local and global scale."

- 2015-2016 Committee 

Better World by Design is a student-led initiative at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design that celebrates interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, educators, innovators, and learners. During the year, we facilitate workshops, panels, and discussions that engage in and promote design. Our year builds up to an annual 3-day conference on Brown and RISD’s campus, that reinvigorates these ideas and inspires us to continue these conversations.



This year for our 2016 conference our theme was "Interplay." Interplay, for us, means reexamining design in the context of an interdisciplinary world. It is an exploration of how different industries, thought-realms, and methodologies can cut across perceived boundaries to inform one another. We are interested in interrogating outdated solutions and bringing seemingly unrelated ideas together to spark discussion and discover unrealized connections.

“The way in which two or more things have an effect on each other when they happen or exist together.” 


Our 2016 conference was a success with over 800 attendees and many amazing Keynote lectures, workshops and even coffee chats. Read more about our conference experience in the article linked below.