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Hack Harvard

"This year we are breaking new ground, crossing boundaries, discovering new solutions, and pushing the intersections of technology + society forward." 

-Hack Harvard Commitee 

I was selected and participated in Hack Harvard 2017. As a designer, it was a great opportunity to collaborate with three software engineers (front-end and back-end) to identify a problem and execute a solution over the course of 36 hours. Our team met at the event and consisted of: Irene Woo, a Computer Science major at McGill University, Drew Douglas, studying Electrical/Computer Engineering at University of Texas, Austin, Matt Grenander studying Computer Science at McGill University, and myself. 

While the hackathon gave us the opportunity to bring our idea to life, we are not finished. The four of us plan to continue to develop this app as a team, remotely. Below are some examples of what we developed/presented to major technology companies during the Hackathon Demos period. 

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The Experience + Process