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A reimagined interface to enable a premium brand to better attract potential guests.



“To put it simply, Keystone is a massively under-rated ski resort. Keystone Resort is celebrated for its family friendly culture, the ski terrain has a distinctly dark side that is very appealing to the powderhound. Keystone has a huge ski area with modern lifts, a vibrant village, plenty of activities, outdoor concerts and the famous night skiing. As their motto states – "It’s all here."”

- Powder Hounds Resort Reviews 

The objective for this assignment was to select a content driven website and re-design the desktop experience. Since I have been a skier since I was 5 years old, I selected Keystone Resorts. Keystone Resorts has a wide range of amenities for all ages and families. It also displays some of the West Coast's most beautiful mountain scenery and nature. As a skier myself, I have witnessed Keystone Resorts and have build a connection with their brand. Even though Keystone has a presence in person, their online presence lacks their clean way finding/navigation and ease of planning and booking a ski trip getaway. 

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Meet the Users 

At first, just by visiting Keystone's website I guessed that my target users included families looking for a getaway, skiers and riders who were looking to take some big risks on the mountain, and perhaps children who are joined by their parents on the mountain. While Keystone is rather oriented to families and children (granted they have a large and successful ski/ride school), I knew with research and networking through LinkedIn and Facebook I could further investigate my skiing demographic and possibly those who are actually navigating my website. 

West Coast Skier, Tracy (age 52) was my designated user tester for my Keystone Resort Website Redesign. According to my quantitive analysis, “Get to Keystone by Car” can be found 78% faster than when maneuvering the current website.