A proposed interface to enable a premium brand to better attract potential guests.

"The user experience design of a hotel website has a huge impact on how easy it is for you to determine this information, and consequently, how likely it is to attract your business."

 -Safa Khudeira, Intechnic

The objective for this assignment was to identify a content driven website and evaluate it's interface strategy + structure to deliver a better user experience on Desktop.  

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Problem with current desktop Experience

The Keystone Resort web site was evaluated in November 2016. I observed that it was cluttered with content to plan a ski vacation and hard to navigate. The use of small hit targets, small text, dated widgets, and non responsive web design, suggested that there were opportunities to update their digital experience. 


Review of Keystone Resort

“To put it simply, Keystone is a massively under-rated ski resort. Keystone Resort is celebrated for its family friendly culture, the ski terrain has a distinctly dark side that is very appealing to the powderhound. Keystone has a huge ski area with modern lifts, a vibrant village, plenty of activities, outdoor concerts and the famous night skiing. As their motto states – It’s all here.

-Powder Hounds Resort Reviews

Market Audits

After analyzing Keystone Resorts interface, I began to respond to the market and pick up on what works/doesn't work and used these findings to inspire my design solution. The two resorts I evaluated were LAAX Resort in Switzerland and Deer Valley in Utah.

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Sitemap Example 1 Copy.jpg

Sitemap for Current Interface Design

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Outreach to user group


Wireframe Prototypes


Evolution of the Navigation Ribbon

Floating Widget.jpg

Evolution of the Floating check in Widget



Desktop Expereince Solution


Quantitive Analysis + Usability Testing

West Coast Skier, Tracy (Age 53) was my designated user tester for my new solution interface. Below is a video demonstrating some of the questions I asked Tracy. According to my analysis, "Get to Keystone by Car" can be found 78% faster than when maneuvering current website; Rentals can be found 85% faster, Car Transportation can be found 72% faster and Season Switch was a widget that many said was a "necessity."