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She Hacks Boston, because I love encouraging environments for exploration.

"Create a community of inclusivity within the tech industry"

-Fiona Whittington, Director of She Hacks Boston

The mission of SheHacks Boston is to empower women and femme non-binary individuals in computer science to achieve; provide them with opportunities to explore the tech industry in an inspiring, encouraging, and energizing environment; and create a community of inclusivity within the Boston tech industry. Published in the New York Times and Washington Post, SheHacks Boston was the largest all-female hackathon in the world.

Our team met at the event and consisted of: Tram Nguyen, a Computer Science major at Boston College, Ekta Sirwani and Rachel Prendergass, computer scientists from Northeastern University and Alima Nurlan, an engineer from overseas (Turkey) and myself. 


Google Cloud Natural Language API (Sentiment Analysis)

In order to ensure that our app idea would work, we looked to Natural Language API in order to understand the overall sentiment expressed in a block of text.