Task Organizer App

Task Organzier App

Special Topic Studio: Click, Point, Drag, Fall 2016, Professor: Stephanie Castilla 

Objective: Objective: During this one week project, I created an app to help manage tasks. The project emphasized the importance of paper wireframe prototypes. I reflected on my own relationship with to do lists in order to influence my design. My experiences using a variety of to do list apps influenced my design decisions.

POP Active Prototype 


Paper Wireframe Prototyping Process

Using printed paper wireframes, I made all my screens for my app and then executed the flow of the app using POP app to quickly turn paper wireframes into a working app mock up. 

Gallery of Wireframes


After spending a lot of time doing paper wireframes and testing the flow of the app, I started to implement my ideas into sketch.

Playing with pop

Using POP app, I was able to create a quick mock up of the app's workflow for user testing. Below is the link to my active prototype: