Making it easy for seniors to find their keys, by turning it into a nostalgia game.



“About 77 million Americans were born in this time period, making it significantly larger than the generations immediately before and after. While the millennial generation is even larger, this is still a massive group of people.”

- Matthew Frankel, Jul 29, 2017

For this project I was challenged to observe, understand and strategically map a context/situation. The objective was to cultivate an attentive observation and systematic recording of phenomena - including people, artifacts, environment, events, behaviors and interactions. Using human-centered design techniques like ethnographic investigation, I thoroughly analyzed users (of different gender and age) in the context of independent living communities. I learned about the nature of this environment and its users and how they interact with themselves, their environment and objects. 


pinpoint final slides .006.png

Sketching and rapid prototyping started to develop after I had a strong foundation of research at my finger tips. I knew I wanted to have a digital interface on my device, therefore my form inspiration was shaped from my childhood days of playing with video games. 

What was the most remarkable about this particular styrene prototype is the feedback I received for it. As I showed my focus group this model, one of the members threw it on the ground and said "I hate it" and I remember it completely. We talked about the form and what wasn't desirable and I eventually found that by having a "bad" prototype is was hugely informative. I realized my process was headed in the right direction. I wanted to be responsive to my users and design for them not for the sake of just me. 

Ergonomics were based on user testing and wearing rubber gloves and marking pain points with sharpie. In addition, I also brought market audits for game controllers like XBOX, PS3 and Game Cube to test those. I then went into Solid Works and using my surface model skills, I was able to achieve an ergonomic device and easily and rapidly 3D print it for more user modifications. 

Prototyping with my Users 

During my prototyping phase I challenged myself to meet with my users three times a week for different means of meetings. Some meetings were individual, some in my focus group and some with other resources like their doctors, phycologists or physical therapy coaches. 

"Music makes me smile" -Lois, AGe 93

Through observation and discussion with user focus group and individual dialog, I was reminded of the power of music. Music is nostalgic and joyful. Your mind and body react to music and it brings people together and makes you want to just move to the beat and be free. I did further interviewing to discover the artists that my demographic enjoyed in their earlier years. These artists were the most talked about and remembered by my focus group. They are iconic songs and names of celebrities that were greatly appreciated by my users. 

Pinpoint App Design Sketch Files

Interface Design 

"Pinpoint" Device comes with the actual device + an assortment sticker pack of music

Arduino for Pinpoint

Receiver and Transmitter schematics + code. 

Prototyping final model

Final Prototype of "Pinpoint"


Friday October 28, 2016: Woods Gerry Gallery