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Making it easy for seniors to find their keys, by turning it into a nostalgia game.

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Desk Research + Ethnographic Investigation

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In the early stages of my process, I created a focus group of 6 seniors at an independent living community in Providence, RI (St. Elizabeths) This complex includes all the stages of independent living and a range of ages which gave me strong diversity in my user testing/feedback. 


The power of music.

My focus group put emphasis on music implementation into my device because of its power to make you feel joyful. I learned about musicians that my demographic enjoyed during their earlier years and that could be used in the UI. My focus group named their favorite iconic songs or specific singers like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra etc.




Prototyping form

This project taught me a lot about form. When I brought initial prototypes to my focus group, one of them stood out as unsuccessful and was thrown on the ground because of its lack of a "friendly" form. I learned that my user group wanted something colorful and not just white suggesting a "medical" feeling and that they liked having smooth fillets. Additionally, the silicon over-mold grip came into discussion to insure grip and security. 

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RFID Sticker Tags

Pinpoint uses RFID sticker tags in order to register personal item with device. The sticker also acts like a fun decal on the users item such as a book, sunglasses pouch, folder or flashlight. The association the user makes with the sticker + item (example: Bing Crosby on my sunglasses pouch) may already be random enough and easy to remember and have fun with!




Initial Prototypes

Originally, my form took on more of a game controller shape because of the gamefication aspect of tracking missing items, however as the design process advanced, I learned more about what the users actually wanted in their living space and what could fit in with their lifestyle and interaction with this product. 


Pinpoint Pitch Video


Preliminary UI Development 

During my process of wireframing, prototyping and user testing, I discovered some important UI design decisions. Elements like scale and color became especially important to consider for my demographic. My user group provided me with honest and productive feedback like considering color blindness, order of operations and color ways.


UI Development updates are in process with original focus group and will be available here soon.