Turn a flatpack sheet of paper into a lamp.



Create a lamp made out of a single piece of Bristol paper. My inspiration was the patterns one sees in dried seaweed.

Exhibited in the RISD Summer 2013 Pre-College Gallery.


Mood Board 

My lamp derived from an aesthetic that I subconsciously discovered when I traveled to Japan at age 11. I wanted my lamp to celebrate such a clean and minimal aspect of design.

Inspiration from SEAWEED

While in RISD's Nature Lab I discovered "Tiny Town" on the bottom floor. I thought looking through a microscope would be an adventure so I picked an article that felt familiar to me or that related to me. During my summer at RISD Pre College, I discovered my love for packaged dried seaweed. I realized during the course of the summer I had been eating a lot of it so I explored its elements more. I realized that under a microscope, seaweed was beautiful and unexpected. I know I wanted to replicate what I saw under the microscope into my lamp design. I had hopes of being able to project seaweed patterns everywhere and through simple design I figured out a way. 

Concept Sketches

Exploring and connecting my inspiration to my imagination through drawing.

paper Exploration

Before jumping directly into my final design, I wanted to prototype with paper and see what I could learn just from play and hands on. 

Lamp prototype

During the Prototyping phase I made sure to keep my LED light nearby. When designing a lamp I realized the importance of checking in different lit environments to further immerse into the lamp's design. 

Then and Now

Comparing my original microscope view to the inside of my lamp model.

Lamp with Lighting 

My lamp design uses the help of a simple LED light that gives it a modern feel similar to the city of japan. While I enjoyed the warm tones, I settled on cooler tones for my lamp to convey its original inspiration and ideas.