Turn a flatpack sheet of paper into a lamp.

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Flat Packed Paper Lamp

Create a lamp made out of a single piece of Bristol paper. My inspiration was the patterns one sees in dried seaweed.

While in RISD's Nature Lab I discovered "Tiny Town" on the bottom floor. I thought looking through a microscope would be an adventure so I picked an article that felt familiar to me or that related to me. During my summer at RISD Pre College, I discovered my love for packaged dried seaweed. I realized during the course of the summer I had been eating a lot of it so I explored its elements more. I realized that under a microscope, seaweed was beautiful and unexpected. I know I wanted to replicate what I saw under the microscope into my lamp design. I had hopes of being able to project seaweed patterns everywhere and through simple design I figured out a way. 

Exhibited in the RISD Summer 2013 Pre-College Gallery.