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The RISD/MIT Studio


MIT Studio, Spring 2018

MIT Sloan School of Business + MIT School of Engineering + RISD Department of Industrial Design = The MIT Studio: Product design and Development. 

This upcoming semester, I will be 1 of 20 RISD Industrial Design students participating in the MIT Studio. MIT Studio teaches modern tools and methods for product design and development. Teams consisting of MIT Sloan MBA students, MIT Engineering students, and undergraduate RISD Industrial Design students conceive, design, and prototype a physical product over the course of the semester. An "alpha prototype" is presented by each team at the end of the course. The studio is jointly taught by RISD Prof. Jerome Arul and MIT faculty; Prof. Steven Eppinger and Prof. Maria Yang.


our objective is to develop a product for amateur mountaineers, hikers, and skiers that enables self-arrest and prevents dangerous slides down snowy surfaces with minimal education or training, or minimizes injuries when slides do occur.

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Meet the Official Team