Deodorant Packaging

Deodorant Packaging 

Objective: Cast an object and change the physical material of the object.

I decided to cast golf balls because I was interested in the dimples and details. The name "Strōk” (a "stroke” is the way that a golf match is measured) evolved from the golf theme. The rope allows the user to easily pull open the packaging revealing the deodorant golf ball.

Casting Process

The process of casting takes multiple steps. I first had to research the process of creating a 2 part silicone mold. I wanted to use silicone so I could capture all the details of the golf ball dimples which give a golf ball its authentic characteristics. Although I build the mold by hand, this process is almost identical to the process of injection molding. 


I tested many different liquid materials such as cheese, chocolate, wax soap, melted candy and finally AXE Apollo Deodorant. The deodorant fascinated me because it melted in less than 30 seconds in the microwave and would harden within minutes of sitting in my two part mold. 


During the process I was faced with two challenges: casting and the packaging. 

Final Prototypes

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