Design Seekers, not thinkers.

Designation Conference 2018 was such a cool weekend! I was one of the 99 students selected (1,036 applicants) to participate in this conference in New York City with a wide range of design professionals. The mission of the conference was to explore the versatility of careers in design + understand design's role in the world. Sometimes design's artful or data driven application can be found somewhere completely unexpected and that can stimulate change and help transform users in the process. 

Through keynotes, workshops, and seminar discussion I learned so much about the holistic design industry and gained valuable insights about how to work with people from a myriad of backgrounds. I was also able to reconnect with professionals like Jason Severs and listen to the wisdom of a wide range of speakers, including Steve Vassallo, Heather Luipold, Sara Blake and Brain Collins. 

It was a very stimulating experience and curiosity provoking experience. I was able to broaden my concept of design and storytelling and network and meet many new people in the industry.