Form Studies


The Power of Form


The Power of Form

Objective: How can we use aesthetics to project an emotion, indicate status, reference historical movements and biological organisms, be ironic or humorous? All of this creates a layer of social function above and beyond an object’s strict utilitarian function.

Fall 2016 Industrial Design Triennial Show 

Friday October 28, 2016: Woods Gerry Gallery

Inspiration Through Words

I picked three paired-specific form languages (from left to right: Geometric and Light, Organic and Fast, Soft and Heavy) and created a 2D interpretation of those word pairs. This instantly became my form inspiration as I moved from 2D to 3D. 

Concept Sketches

After creating my form inspiration I just started sketching with one sharpie and I really forced myself to just keep generating quick sketches. While drawing I had my inspiration pinned to the wall so I was constantly immersed in my collages and taking form directly from them. I think having the collages was a great method to truly get to the essences of the words I chose and how they translate into drawings. 

Rapid Prototyping

After sketching, I jumped right into the rapid prototyping process where I took a simple material to manipulate, styrene, and using the shop tools and the heat strip, I started generating early forms. 

Mood Board

My inspiration board focuses on speed as a main aspect. I looked at Streamline Design, Cheetahs, sports cars and Nike's branding to create ideas for my form. 


After reviewing my sketches I decided I was most excited about moving forward with the speaker design for Geometric and light. Because of its pure form I settled on the name ZOOM!

Prototyping Process

Creating Variety Through Color

To me, color is vital in design. Because the inner part of the speaker is made from laser cut acrylic, I could have many different colors. Color with a form like this one allows the user to be able to customize deeper. I picked colors that were sparked from my mood board. I also took a few glances at my Nike shoes for further color decisions. 

Final Model

Model created from Cork with Acrylic accents.