NASA rovers challenge

2017 NASA Human Rover Design Challenge.

We are a group of passionate students from the Rhode Island School of Design who design, make and race our very own human-powered machine to compete in the annual NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. This year our vehicle gained 2nd place, the Technology Challenge Award for most innovative wheel design, the Feather Weight award for lightest vehicle (108 Pounds) to complete under 8 minutes, and the AIAA Best Report Award for most insightful analysis of both the design and the design process. I was a member of the Steering + Suspension team with Clarke Waskowitz and David Walden led by Max Reice. Our team focused on understanding the properties of Carbon Fiber and how it would function as a leaf spring suspension system. We did FEA testing in Solidworks and also made sure to consider human factors, ergonomics. 

Project Contributors: Adrian Roop / Carmen Schweizer / Robert Wang / Clarke Waskowitz /  David Walden / Iman Serag / Jason Chang / Lily Douglas / Max Reice / Ryan Smith / Sung Wha Kang / Clayton Wiggers. Faculty advisor is Michael Lye, RISD's NASA Coordinator.