Long story short: I am an interaction & product designer @ Philips Healthcare. I am a #RISDAlum with a BFA in Industrial Design. I take photos like this 📷 and often explore new places by doing this 🏃‍♀️. More about me here. ⬅️ 😄 👀 🍅

My design work here ⬇️


Tangible pain quality assessment 

UX Research + 3D Prototyping + Usability Testing

Over the past year, I have been collaborating with Dr. Jason Hack, Professor of Emergency Medicine (Brown Medical School) on reimagining tangible pain quality assessment. This project began in a healthcare Advanced Studio jointly offered by RISD Industrial Design + Brown University: School of Engineering.


Social Innovation

Service + UX Design

In partnership with MASS Design Group and Huxtable Fellows studying Architecture at the Boston Architectural College, this Advanced Industrial Design Studio investigates the role of design and design thinking in addressing issues of addiction and homelessness. 



Experience Design Internship

Tellart designs interactive products for global brands and cultural institutions. It has been awarded multiple top international prizes including the SXSW Experimental Award and has work featured in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Design Museum. I worked with the team to produce an installation for PyeongChang 2018 in South Korea. 


Loft, LLC

Product Design Internship

A design consultancy, Loft's core mission is connected devices, hardware connected to a piece of software.  The firm works with a wide variety of major domestic and international clients (e.g., Bose, Go Pro, Samsung, 3M, Adidas, Disney). 


Keystone Redesign

UX Design + Research

A proposed interface to enable a premium brand to better attract potential guests. This was a 2 week design exercise and involved usability testing to capture qualitative analysis.

Best KS BW.jpg

NASA Rovers Design Challenge

Design + Engineering + Usability Testing

This year our vehicle gained 2nd place, the Technology Challenge Award for most innovative wheel design, the Feather Weight Award for lightest vehicle (108 Pounds) to complete under 8 minutes, and the AIAA Best Report Award for most insightful analysis of both the design and the design process.


Better World by Design

2016 Committee

Better World by Design is a student-led initiative at Brown University and RISD that celebrates interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, educators, innovators, and learners. Our year builds up to an annual 3-day conference that reinvigorates these ideas and inspires us to continue these conversations.

Tesla Best.jpg

Tesla Voice Concept

UX Design + Research

This concept aims to adapt into the Tesla’s (Model S) expansive touchscreen display. My teammate Sun Min Lim and I conducted interviews with Tesla owners and designers from Tesla Boston to ensure that our concept addressed the end user’s needs.


Link Concept

UX Design + Animation Pitch

A conceptual mobile app that allows people to “link up” and share phone battery because whats better than spontaneous charging? This was a 1 week design exercise and involved delivering a 2 minute video pitch to express the concept.


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